Fumbwa is one of the most famous Congolese dishes, it’s cooked with peanut butter and palm oil.


* 1 bag of Fumbwa
* Dried Fish
* 3 half bell peppers
* 4 Spring Onions and 1 Onion
* 1 Maggie cube
* 4 tsp of Jumbo Dehydrated Chicken Stock
* 1 tbsp garlic paste
* 7 tbsp palm oil (make sure it’s melted to make it easier to measure)
* 8 tbsp peanut butter
* 900ml of water
* Half a tea-spoon of all purpose seasoning
* Half a tea-spoon of nutmeg

*** Prep ***

Chop the bell peppers, spring onions and onion.

Wash the fumbwa and dried fish (catfish)

 *** Method ***

Put a medium size pot on medium heat, add fumbwa and 900 ml of lukewarm water followed by dried fish, palm oil, peanut butter and gradually add the rest of the ingredients.

*** TIPS ***

Cook the fumbwa on low heat to avoid it from burning. Please refer to my YouTube video for full instructions on how to cook Fumbwa


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